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Roofingreen Leaf Turf

Like a puzzle, piece after piece.   


Low Thickness Module for Drainage of Ventilated Flooring


For those who seek beauty, embrace technology,

appreciate functionality and respect the environment,

Roofingreen LEAF is the lightweight, versatile module that with

just 1.6 per square feet and 0.98 inches height combines all these qualities.

Outdoor spaces fitted with LEAF are transformed into highly welcoming and

accessible areas with a feeling of natural comfort.

These products are designed for installation on waterproofed surfaces, existing pavements and concrete layers.


An affordable and easy-to-use product

Lightweightness and minimum thickness

LEAF is an innovative product responding to the demand for a slimmer,

even lighter and handier solution than Roofingreen’s traditional lines of products.

  • LEAF is only  0.98 inches thick and 1.6 per square feet
  • it weighs only 2.2 pounds
  • minimum maintenance
  • replacement operations are simple and quick
  • it can be easily shaped when out of size
  • compatible with any Roofingreen’s line of products
  • puzzle System
  • installation extremely easy and cost efficient


Design and Technology


With the LEAF product line you can enhance terraces, balconies and paved areas of any dimension and shape.

Thanks to the high contact surface of its base structure and the purpose designed channels,

weight loads are uniformly distributed and result in:


  • significant improvement of surface water drainage
  • protection of the underlying waterproof layer
  • micro-ventilation of underlying surfaces
  • smooth passage of electricity cables and irrigation systems

ThermoLEAF, the insulation module

The Leaf product line has now been extended with ThermoLEAF, the non-

draining version that contributes to the thermal insulation performance of the building shell.



Quality and Comfort


LEAF’s artificial grass is of the highest quality standard and shows a

particular natural look: a soft and durable pile made to last, maintaining its

features intact for many years:


  • comfortable to walk on
  • natural look
  • UV resistant
  • weather Resistant
  • easily washable thank to its high water permeability.


LEAF is the perfect product to make terraces and outdoor spaces more

welcoming and to give them a new life in an easy, fast and cost efficient way.

Environmental Benefits:

Attention to the environment, the founding and driving element of

Roofingreen’s sytem, is also present in this newborn product:

  • no water consumption
  • high percentage of recyclable material
  • reversibility
  • replaceable modules
  • no use of harmful, liquid chemicals during installation